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Bali Retreat
Charise from California, USA Said "When I first had the opportunity to hear about this retreat in Bali, Indonesia, something resonated deep within me.  I felt nothing would stop me from going... (read more)

Andrew from St Albert, Canada Said "My experience in Bali with Think Love is like none other in my on going quest for personal growth and self-actualization. Upon arrival I was wary but open for what might happen. I had after all just met Catherina and only virtually less than three weeks earlier. I was in for a great adventure. I went expecting... (read more)

The Journey includes 6 Day Bali Retreat

The Quest Retreat in Bali, will be a dynamic experience of an ancient divine feminine culture full of love and deep healing, fun processes, like-minded people Questing together, enjoying world class food, deep self love, through massage, a peaceful environment, authentic balinese luxury accommodations, overlooking the ocean in Bali’s divine shores…

Through being gently yet powerfully guided in the Quest process, Catherina O‘Gorman, Founder of Think Love and Creator of “A Quest For Greatness” with her partner/husband Gerry are experts in holding a deep space of love and trust for each individual to arise into who they authentically are.  Through great practice of working with Quest for over a decade Catherina will enable you to experience massive transformation, naturally, through Ultimately re-connecting you to the ”genius within” you!

Through the use of the QUEST model of Questioning your thoughts/beliefs as you, understanding you are not them, empowering and strengthening you into the truth of who you authentically are brings great freedom!

You will come away with a deep intimate level of self awareness, and great change from within is enviable as you become acutely attuned to how you create your reality.  Simply described, Quest is getting to know, love and be thyself. The greatness movement within begins.

This new empowered state, naturally draws you into alignment with ”the truth of who you are” enabling genuine self confidence to emerge in every area of your life!

Humanity is made up of people with hearts and minds. True Powerful Authentic Leadership in Business and in all areas of life emerges from ” Thinking with your heart” and “Loving with your mind ”

A Quest For Greatness Life Leadership Training offers you an experience that quickly and successfully moves you into empowered leadership and a higher performance state within every area of your life as you become the powerful conscious navigator of your thoughts!

The personal awareness work you engage in within the retreat and beyond in your 6 months of one on one Quest Coaching automatically models a more heart centered leadership style within that inspires you to reflect on your leadership from beyond the mind. Leading with intuition as you guide you will begin to experience a much greater abundant reality one based on fearlessness and true freedom!

Creating from within establishes the center from which all leadership is born. -Catherina O’ Gorman

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein 

Personal Coaching Journey

 CHIOCE ONE : “A Quest for Greatness” Journey of Life Leadership, can start right now upon individual request or personal attendance to our Quest Retreat in Bali, this entails:

  • 6 days for your “A Quest For Greatness” Personal Retreat, delivered by Catherina and Gerry O’Gorman, and their core Team in Bali, involving dynamic fun and experiential life transformative Quest exercises and experiences that will enable a deep shift from within from fear based thinking to that of love in every area of your life
  • A Personal Journal of self-study.
  • A Quest For Greatness Personal Manual.
  • Unlimited e-mail access to your Think Love Quest coach.
    • 3 - 6 mths of 1-2 hour Individual sessions, one-on-one personal Coaching with Catherina O’Gorman, Founder of Think Love and Creator of “A Quest Coach via phone, or Video skype
    • A Personal Journal of self-study.
    • A Quest For Greatness Personal Manual.
    • Unlimited e-mail access to your Think Love Quest coach.

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Lovestock Festival


Sunday September 16, 2012


13 Mar 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival Panel Austin, TX, USA

“Can The Internet Make Us Happy?” Think Love has been invited to the nation’s largest Music, Film, Interactive, Multimedia festival, to speak on a high-powered panel regarding this intriguing topic. “The 18th annual SXSW® Interactive Festival challenges you to envision the future of innovative technology.

Featuring five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging media and scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, SXSW Interactive offers an unbeatable line up of special programs showcasing the best new websites, digital projects, wireless applications, video games and startup ideas the community has to offer. From hands-on training to big-picture analysis, SXSW Interactive has become the place to preview of what is unfolding in the world of creative technology. Join us March 2011 for the panels, the parties, the 14th Annual Interactive Awards, SXSW ScreenBurn, the SXSW Trade Show, SXSW Accelerator and, of course, the inspirational experience that only SXSW can deliver.” Get more info here...

20 Feb 2011 24 Hour Hollywood Rush Los Angeles, CA, USA “40 Celebs Pull An All Nighter To Produce One Amazing Evening Of Theater” Think Love has been integrated into this star-studded evening of theatre and festivities in “Hollywood’s Rush To Save Lives” to benefit various organizations dealing with social issues including teenage suicide and meth addiction. Get more info here... 19 Feb 2011 Gods & Goddesses @ ElevateOjai, CA, USA Think Love will be crashing this theme party to honor all the Gods & Goddesses involved with this global film and interactive media company committed to “creating new landscapes of human experience.” Get more info here... 6 Nov 2010 Leadershift . Leaders Causing Leaders Long Beach, CA, USA Think Love invited to speak at this annual conference; where “more than 100 luminaries from the fields of business, art, science, spirituality, human rights and environmental studies come to the Long Beach Convention Center for LEADERShift 2010. Hosted by Leaders Causing Leaders, a non-profit committed to inspiring leadership, the event features two days of dynamic presentations and discussion led by a cross-section of [world leaders].” Get more info here...

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