My experience in Bali with Think Love is like none other in my on going quest for personal growth and self-actualization. Upon arrival I was wary but open for what might happen. I had after all just met Catherina and only virtually less than three weeks earlier. I was in for a great adventure. 

I went expecting to balance my being, but I was not prepared for what followed. I began to meet myself and see myself for who I am. Most of my life was spent seeking to live according to others' expectations not seeking out my own true nature or identity.

The group was invited to explore self, really this was move than an invitation, it was a compelling call to look into the mirror and to see who I AM. This safe environment and the love from all around as well as the authentic intuitive guidance of the facilitators opened all of us.

I was able to become aware of the old stories I believed about myself. In recognizing them I was able to accept their hold over me, and I was able to embrace them and let them go. I am meeting myself as if for the first time and have an awesome new respect for me and the powerful being that I AM. I have gained a new confidence and bearing. That was what I went to Bali for, but there is more. It was a coming out into my presence.

After the sessions and ceremonies were over, the real magic started. By using my natural talents I enabled people to reexamine themselves and challenge their old stories.

Since returning I have slowly awakened to my true vocation. I realized what I am called to, I take the disparate threads of people's story and weaving the frayed and broken threads and disparate colors into an implausible embroidered fabric that mirrors the person from a beautiful angle from which they have never seen themselves. I am a story weaver of people's lives showing their possibility and potential. I now see how my childhood passions, skills and my experiences throughout life have equipped me for this moment of discovery in which I will shine and enable others to see their light and to give it to the world.


 Much love and blessing,