Charise From California, USA  Said "When I first had the opportunity to hear about this retreat in Bali, Indonesia, something resonated deep within me.  I felt nothing would stop me from going, and then I watched the universe line up and saw the signs everywhere. Even before Catherina called me I had been singing the song” Bali Ha’I”from the Musical “South Pacific “, for two days. A friend of mine had sent me a link to find what the number 1 song or album was the day you were born, for me it was  the album “South Pacific “as a child I loved musicals and could sing most of the songs. Then after speaking with her on Skype and committing to the journey, I was driving to work the next morning and in our town we have a theater that projects whatever or whomever is performing on the side of the building, as I drove by, there illuminated on the side of the bldg. in 15 foot letters was “South Pacific”. I had no idea that was playing there and I just giggled at the humor of the universe. Confirmation from spirit, check.

Landing in Bali and gathering with this group was a joy, as this beautiful, special place and these sweet people transformed the ordinary into magical…. nothing could of prepared me for the deep journey I would go on with myself, hidden there where I had forgotten was my truth of who I am, brought out in love and encouraged to live my love to its full potential.  This was done through the guidance and with amazing support and commitment of the Think Love team members. The focus of bringing up the divine Feminine to Balance the Masculine Energy in ourselves was such an adventure in trust as I delved into my strengths and explored my heart. The accommodations, trips and events were all wonderful and effortless. Each day unfolded with delight of what this day would bring. I came away with a new perspective on me, not of life for that is what I make of it.  I can and will go forward in passion and I take unforgettable memories with me, and gifts of invaluable blessings in a tapestry telling a tale of new found love, woven from the fabric of Bali."

Charise , California USA