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July 14th 2006 Catherina, a 35-year old Australian came out of her morning meditation with an unequivocal message to invite everyone to Think Love. It was later that same year that she founded Think Love LLC with her now American husband Gerry and British business partner, Chris, she intuitively knew the company would catalyze a Global Movement.
She knew, too, that the Think Love message and products could potentially advance what leading edge thinkers, entrepreneurs, spiritual communities, and social activists had yearned for, for years.
The message Catherina and the company felt guided to convey was simple, ancient, and universal: that thinking love is a transformative strategy on both the personal and geo-political levels. For thinking love includes love of self, love of others, love of the earth, and love of all that is. And furthermore, Catherina and her team believe, thinking love truly can become a way of life—if only we can remember to think love.
To that end—to help us remember—Think Love LLC developed its first patented product. It’s a brilliant item: an inexpensive wearable technology that gives social networking a new and extended meaning.
By using 21st century inventiveness, Think Love created a synchronize-able vibrating wristband that connects people—as individuals or in groups—across distance and time, and reminds them five times throughout the day of the love they hold inside. The band’s appeal is to young and old, male and female alike; everybody wants one!
Currently, as momentum builds, a Think Love Tour/Movie is shaping up, as are large-scale events. There is already a non-profit Think Love Foundation “Wear It-Share It” fund to carry the message and band into hospitals, schools, and communities. In addition, the Think Love team has developed other products—like a clothing line and other Think Love Gear. Founders Catherina and Gerry have created The Think Love University offering an educational curriculum called "A Quest For Greatness". These life leadership programs were designed for individuals, families, schools, corporates and communities.
And of course, to help get the message out, there are Think-Love-alliance and Think Love joint venture opportunities available for entrepreneurs and donors.
For in the end, Think Love LLC is simply the three cofounders’ gift to the world—it is simply an invitation to everyone to connect with the love within. For from that place, the Think Love Team believes, anything is possible.



Catherina O’Gorman - Founder of Think Love and Creator of "A Quest For Greatness" (Think Love's Foundational Education and Life Leadership Program) -For over a decade Catherina has assisted thousands of people from all walks of life experience major transformations into the truth of who they are. Catherina lives to love and created the Think Love Message.  She continues to fulfill the greater Think Love vision with her beloved husband Gerry and the Think Love Team, Speak Globally on the Divine Feminine Rising. Catherina works one on one with those she is guided to work with and trains the global Think Love Coaching Team!  She is also a very proud mother of her teenage daughter Madeline.

Gerry O’Gorman - Co-Founder - The first person to join Think Love and so starting the movement of the vision. Gerry has continued to fuel this flame of love.  With over 20 years experience as VP of an Executive Recruitment company in New York, he's facilitated 1000s of people with their careers.  Gerry leads as a potent Think Love Quest Coach and trainer embodied in his Divine Masculine and Feminine!  In addition he is writing the Think Love Diet, to be released by 2013, and continues to co-create the entire vision, with his beloved wife Catherina and their entire Team. He is the wind beneath Catherina's wings and his overall presence and part in Think Love is integral!

Chris Hindle - Co-Founder - The second person to join Think Love and inspiration behind the TL Vibe Wristband, Chris has over 10 years experience as a Director in the head-hunting/recruitment industry running divisions of corporate organizations, as well CEO of his own company. Having lived in 7 countries and visited over 35, Chris brings a true global aspect to the vision.  Chris is currently in training as a Think Love Quest Coach and brings great depth knowledge and wisdom to this expression and his entire part in the vision!  Chris is our greatest teacher and Gerry and Catherina's inspiration, without his piece there would not be this vision actualized!

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